Arizona is known best for its desert landscape, hot summers and beautiful winters. The Valley is home to many snowbirds who stay in the Fall and Winter, and head back to their primary residence in the Spring or Summer.

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What Does the Grand Canyon State Have to Offer?

People often think of three things when they hear the name “Arizona”: sunshine, desert and cacti.

We can assure you that the Grand Canyon State has much more to offer than these three iconic images of the Mountain West. So whether you’re a tourist or a potential new resident, the state of Arizona will surely have something great waiting for you!

Landscape & Climate 

Arizona is home to varied weather conditions from “let’s go skiing!” cold up north to “sunbathing by the pool” hot. The Grand Canyon state is often described as unforgivably hot during the summer but this only applies to certain parts of the state.

General weather conditions are different depending on your actual location within the state. However, if you’re looking for a state where the weather is warm and sunny the majority of the year, you’ve found the right place.

The coolest months of the year are November to March, with highs ranging from the upper 60°Fs to 70°Fs in the greater Phoenix area. The northern portions get much cooler. The best time to hit the pool is from May to September, where triple digit highs are common throughout parts of the state. These temperature swings are to be expected since large portions of Arizona are comprised of desert land and the natural desert climate.

Is All of Arizona Dry and Barren?

Certainly not! Despite the fact that Arizona is mostly desert, more than a quarter of its territory is covered with lush vegetation, which is highly notable because of the dominantly arid landscape. The state has also been blessed with numerous natural land formation such as the Superstition Mountains and, of course, the mythical Grand Canyon, which is part of the unique Mountain West experience. Be sure to visit the park before leaving.

Arizona Quick Facts:

  1. AZ leads the nation in terms of copper production, which has earned it a 2nd nickname – The Copper State.
  2. Daylight Savings Time is not practiced in the Grand Canyon State (apart from certain small areas, such as the Navajo Nation). Remember to set your watches to Mountain Time when you get there.
  3. Phoenix, the largest metropole in the state, began as a simple hay camp.
  4. A visit to the state wouldn’t be complete without visiting tourist attractions such as the Tombstone ghost town.
  5. The housing market in Arizona is generally stable all year round, catering to home buyers from all walks of life.

The Arizona Experience

Arizona is probably the most tourist-friendly state around because of its abundance of breathtaking attractions that can be enjoyed by everyone. Here are just some of the things that you can do in the Grand Canyon State:

Go GreenThe Desert Botanical Garden is renowned throughout the United States for its thriving collection of plant species collected throughout the globe.

If you want to see rare flora or even species that are facing extinction elsewhere, head over to the Garden for a better appreciation of just how beautiful nature can be. This museum is a favorite family destination because of its varied exhibits and if you’re presently studying botany or any other related course, the museum also accommodates academic researchers.

Walking Tours & CampingAnother key characteristic of Arizona is that you’ll never have to drive far if you’re itching for nature trekking, hiking, or camping under the stars.

One “must see” area for campers is the Saguaro National Park, which is accessible through Tucson. Areas like Saguaro bring people much closer to nature than ever before because they allow you to observe virtually untouched desert flora and fauna in their full majesty.

If it’s adventure you seek, head over to the Grand Canyon and explore its immeasurable beauty from the wild vantage point of a raft being carried swiftly by the Colorado River. Paddle your way to adrenaline rush in one-day tours or the full-canyon hiking adventure. Unlock the unique Arizona experience today.

City Hustle & BustleNot exactly a nature lover? No problem. Sister cities such as Phoenix and Scottsdale offer varied activities for tourists and potential new residents alike. Visit Phoenix for a fix of art and culture. When you’re done visiting exhibits for the day, head over to the Fashion district for branded apparel.

Scottsdale offers very similar treats – a great Downtown area that never sleeps, homegrown and international cuisine for foodies and lots more, including art exhibits and many urban walking paths.

Nightlife shouldn’t be a problem if you’re headed toward the largest metropoles as there’s plenty to do from 7 PM onwards. There are steak houses for early evening meals, all-night bars and discos, and the like. Explore the cities and you’ll find out what we’re talking about. 

Key Cities & Towns

Thinking of Moving to Arizona?

There’s a perfect city or town in the Copper State that fits your needs. If you’re looking for the “big city” experience with lots of commercial and industrial establishments, check out the cities of Phoenix, Scottsdale and the towns of Chandler, Mesa and Tempe.

These areas have high population densities and are perfect for people who are also looking for work. Top employers such as PayPal as well as other Silicon Valley startups can be found in the larger cities.

For less city bustle and more low-key desert living, your best bets would be places like Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Queen Creek and San Tan Valley. San Tan Valley, specifically, is the perfect home for folks who just want to relax and not come face to face with busy city life on a daily basis.

This is not to say that these quieter areas are boring or barren. Nothing could be farther from the truth. For example, Gold Canyon has its own golf courses and resorts despite being a simple, census-designated area. 

Arizona Housing Market 

Moving to Arizona is both a logical and beautiful choice because you will be setting yourself up in a great new state with excellent employment opportunities, with a new house bought at a great price. We’re not exaggerating here: the Arizona housing market is exceedingly kind to newcomers with average budgets and everyone is welcome to buy a property and move in.

Below are examples of properties that you can find throughout the state, in every city:

  1. Lots Thinking of developing your own home? Empty lots are available for $50,000 to $90,000. Lots are located in different areas from ranches, gated communities to small, quiet neighborhoods near schools and higher learning institutions. Lot prices are higher in gated communities but often make up for the price by having much higher square footage compared to lots available in smaller, regular neighborhoods.
  1. Condo UnitsCondo units are cheap, widely available and offer the advantage of amenities such as a community pool and covered parking. While the square footage of a condo unit is lower than a single-family home, this type of property is perfect for home buyers who wish to move into a target city quickly.

Average room count is 1-2 with 1 bathroom. Kitchens are of average size, but you can still expect basic appliances such as a gas range or a microwave oven to be available. With a little sprucing up, a condo unit can become a comfortable new home for a single person or a couple wishing to establish a new life in Arizona.

  1. Single-Family HomesSingle-family homes range from simple 1-bedroom condo units to sprawling mansions with bedroom suites and tennis courts. A single-family home measuring approximately 800-1,000 square feet costs $100,000 – $150,000.

A property with two to three bedrooms with multiple bathrooms are sold for $250,000 to a high of $700,000. When the price of the property exceeds $300,000, expect additional amenities, newly renovated bathrooms or kitchens and full availability of multiple utilities such as high speed internet.

  1. Luxury Properties – Luxury properties are sold for $800,000 to a high of $2,000,000 depending on the total house area and land area of the property. Lot sizes for luxury properties range from 0.5 acre to a high of 1.5 acres, especially in locations such as a Gilbert and Tempe. Expect 3-6 rooms, multiple bathrooms, large kitchens and a separate dining area. Guest rooms, home offices and libraries are also common in luxury properties, as well as spas, pantries, gazebos, etc.

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