Ahwatukee is a semi-isolated village in Phoenix, AZ. One the main charms of this urban village is its distance from other cities and towns. It is right next to the South Mountain park and you can drive to other cities like Chandler by passing through Interstate 10. Since Ahwatukee isn’t exactly a town or city, it has a much lower population density (a little over 80,000 in the last official census) and features a more laid-back lifestyle that is perfect for people who are tired of the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Ahwatukee does not have its own market square or downtown commercial area. People live here because they want to reside in a very peaceful community without having to deal with the rest of Phoenix on a daily basis.

However, people do want to enjoy themselves from time to time so Ahwatukee residents simply visit neighboring cities and towns for recreation, shopping and other common activities. If places like Downtown Scottsdale do not appeal to you because there’s too many people or the neighborhood is busy even at night, then the urban village life is the right option for you.

This triangular-shaped, urban village also identifies itself firmly with outdoor endeavors such as mountain cycling, long hikes and camping.

Ahwatukee offers beautiful, scenic roads for people who love to travel on two wheels. If cycling isn’t your thing, bring your motorcycle instead! Motorcycle rentals are commonplace in nearby cities that are half an hour away.  You won’t have to travel far to enjoy these activities because like we said before, Ahwatukee is right next to a mountain park that you can visit any time of the year.

If you love golf you’re extremely lucky because fortunately, Ahwatukee is home of a total of three 18-holf golf courses. So there might not be a lot of commercial spots and nightlife here but at least you won’t have to drive far for a nice game of golf. And it’s also good to note that there are several senior communities in this urban village, for obvious reasons (e.g. the place is perfect for folks who want peace and quiet).

Relocating to Ahwatukee

If you want to relocate to this urban village, you have to be familiar with the current conditions of the housing market. As of this writing, the prices of the housing market are fairly stable and there is a very robust mix of price ranges which make Ahwatukee an ideal “house hunting ground” for buyers with different budgets. Let’s start with the most economical properties which are priced from $170,000 to $195,000.

The cheapest houses are single-family detached units located in places such as 50th Way, Shoshoni Drive and Potomac St. The average square footage of homes in this category is 1,300 sq. ft. However, some homes can occupy a total land area of 1,400 square feet.

As expected, the total area occupied by the house begins to climb substantially when the price of the property exceeds $180,000. The average lot size on the other hand, is between 6,000 sq. ft. and 8,000 sq. ft. The price of land per square foot here in Ahwatukee is much lower than the rest of Phoenix which may reflect the generally lower demand for properties here due to its semi-isolated status.

A basic economical home in this urban village has at least two bedrooms but no more than three. The average number of small bathrooms is one but if the house has three bedrooms, you’ll likely get at least two small bathrooms. Many of these smaller homes were built in the late seventies to the mid-eighties and this means you can expect a very quaint Arizonian charm when you examine the floor plan of the house.

Now that we’re done with the least expensive homes, let’s move on to houses that fetch at least $500,000 in the Ahwatukee housing market.  If your budget is $500,000 to $700,000, the amenities and characteristics of the properties change drastically. For one, the total land area of the lot itself can increase to 14,000 sq. ft. The house’s area also increases to at least 3,200 sq. ft.

Ahwatukee homes in this price range is idea for families of four or five. Why? Because the average bedroom count is 5 and the number bathrooms also increase to a minimum of three. You can also expect to find larger garages, which is perfect if you have more than one car.

Unless you’re buying from the lower scale of the housing market, you wouldn’t have to worry about parking your car on the street. In the event that you do need to park somewhere more secure but you haven’t the budget for the bigger properties, try finding condo units instead. Condo units are relatively inexpensive and individual communities often offer covered parking which is made available to all residents. The downside of course, is you’ll have to be content with less than 1,000 sq. ft. of space and just one bedroom and one bathroom.

And finally, we have the truly upscale properties that will set you back by a million dollars at the very least. These properties aren’t upscale for no reason: if a house fetches around $1.5 million, you’re likely to get 2-3 times as many bedrooms and bathrooms. Bedrooms in luxury residences are also more spacious, with vintage/contemporary furnishings. Bathrooms are also bigger and with more expensive ceramics installed.

The same principle applies to the kitchen, which is probably the most expensive area of a house when it comes to renovation or complete remodeling. Not only does a luxury kitchen have to be spacious but it has to have sufficient appliances installed to warrant the price. This is the main reason why listed properties are often renovated several years before the actual selling date: it takes a lot of time to improve a kitchen and it’s generally expensive. But don’t worry: if you do land a property that is at least a million dollars, consider that home ready for immediate occupancy.

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