Apache Junction, AZ is a small city located right in the middle of the two brother counties (Maricopa County and Pinal County). The majority of Apache Junction residents reside in the Pinal County area of the city. As of last official census, this small city has a steadily growing population of 35,000+ and growth is still expected in the coming years.

The bustling city of Phoenix is found nearby. If you live in Apache Junction, big city life (as well as potential employment) is a drive away. Nature lovers and thrill seekers will also love the fact that the Apache Trail is the most direct route to the Tonto reserve and of course, the ever popular Superstitious Mountain.

This city is steeped in local culture and Native American history. The Apache Trail, which is now used to travel to the nearby metropole was actually used by Native American Apache Indians so they can travel to Superstitious Mountain.

The route has been preserved well and serves as a main thoroughfare for Apache Junction residents. Apart from easy access to the city of Phoenix, living in Apache Junction also offers new residents the opportunity to visit the cities of Tempe and Mesa. All you need to do is drive through Main Street and you’ll find yourself eventually in the sister cities. This place is convenient, quiet and decidedly one of the best places to start a small family.

What can you do when you reach Apache Junction?

One of the first things that tourists do when they reach Apache Junction is they ride the Dolly Steamboat. The Dolly Steamboat traverses Canyon Lake regularly, offering visitors a very serene and wonderful view of Superstitious Mountain and the lake itself.

First established in the year 1925, the Dolly Steamboat is a crowd favorite and local cultural icon. This boat rid offers one of the finest views of the Grand Canyon.

As of this writing, the Dolly Steamboat offers two kinds of rides: a scenic tour of the lake and a dinner boat cruise. However, you have to call them and book in advance so you can join the cruise as the actual cruise dates vary from time to time, depending on the number of guests and the actual availability of the steamboat.

For a closer look at Arizonian wildlife and flora, you can visit the Lost Dutchman State Park, located right there in Apache Junction. This park has received many accolades around the Web, including a certificate of excellence from the top travel website TripAdvisor.

The lore behind this park is just as tantalizing as the 320 acres of pristine desert land within its boundaries. It is said that somewhere in park is a goldmine. Many visitors and diehard believers of the lore have tried to find it, but it remains elusive up to this day. If you’re coming in from the general Phoenix metropole or from Apache Junction, the park is a forty mile drive – but it will be worth the trip, guaranteed.

Nature trekking is a big thing here in Apache Junction and apart from visiting establishments linked to Superstition Mountain, it would also be a good idea to try the Hummer tours of the Tonto forest reserve and explore the actual Apache Trail with the help of expert guides. All in all, a visit to Apache Junction will guarantee excitement and fun for the whole family.

Apache Junction Homes

Apache Junction, like all the other small cities and towns, is home to many active senior communities and if you’re trying to find a home in such a community, you would be glad to know that senior community homes are now being directly sold for as long as $20,000. While these modular homes aren’t very luxurious or spacious, they are perfect for seniors who are living alone or with a spouse. Tomahawk Road is a good place to start looking for a senior community. The average modular home (priced at $20,000) would have 2-3 bedrooms, at least 2 bathrooms and a total floor space of no less than 900 square feet.

The total lot size (which of course includes other modular homes in the senior community) will be around 4,000-5,000 square feet in total. Amenities in this type of community would be slab parking, limited covered parking, recreational rooms and cable TV. For some reason, high speed Internet is still being omitted so if you need an Internet connection you may have to apply for one after buying the property.

A single-family detached home that’s not in a senior community would cost about $80,000. However, the average bedroom and bathroom count would be 1 and the lot size would be almost equal to the total floor space of the house. So if the floor space is 1,000 square feet, the lot size would likely hover from 1,100 sq. ft. to 1,200 sq. ft.

If you’re looking for something more substantial (around $400,000 or more), you may be interested in ranch-style estates. These larger properties have a floor space exceeding 3,000 square feet and they come with lots that measure at least 1 acre.

The land value in Apache Junction hovers from $19 – $130. Land prices are cheapest in this side of the sister cities. Of course, if the location is great and there’s a lot of traffic in from other places, the land value tends to increase because of the land’s potential for commercial development.

Speaking of development, if you’re looking for an empty lot for further development, a 5,500 square foot lot in a residential area (e.g. in the middle of an established, small neighborhood) would cost about $55,000. Obviously, land prices tend to drop if there is no substantial development on the land at all.

All in all it’s a great pleasure to look for new properties in Apache Junction because the prices are great and there’s plenty of interesting things to do in and around town. Your tourist itinerary would be long and adventurous, we can guarantee that.

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