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Looking for homes for sale in Chandler? Excellent idea, this area of Arizona is one of the most populous cities in Maricopa County, with a booming population that rivals the Scottsdale and Phoenix metropoles. For many years now, it has benefited economically from the presence of technology companies like Intel. A large chunk of the population (about twenty-five percent) is presently employed by tech companies and manufacturing firms.

Due to ongoing initiatives, many individuals have also found gainful employment in tech firms in other cities and states. The opportunity to work in tech companies outside the city is the direct result of the partnerships of these large firms and the local city government (which creates many additional, profitable jobs).

The top employers in this part of Arizona are: Intel, Freescale Semiconductor, PayPal and the City of Chandler. The second largest employer in the city as of this writing is Bank of America, which boasts a solid 3,650 resident employees.

Things to Do in Chandler 

Are you paying the city a visit soon? Here’s a list of places and things to do to make your visit to the area more fun and memorable:

#1 – Rediscovering Native American Art – Arizona is notable for its cultural heritage and inherent love for the arts. All the large metropoles in Maricopa County have galleries and museums dedicated to displaying historical and contemporary art.

You can visit the Zelma Basha Salmeri gallery if you’re interested in finding out what Native American art looks like and how it’s evolved in this part of the United States decades before the first state railways were laid out.

#2 – Getting Seeped in Local History – If it’s local history that you’re looking for, look no further than the McCullough-Price House, where the central city museum is located.

This is the number one place for interesting historical facts, and you can actually see historical installations that feature old tools and equipment from the era when the area was first established. Right now there’s a specimen house displayed in the Chandler Museum and this installation is based on the historical realities of 1917.

#3 – Excitement and Family Fun – Did you know that Chandler is home to over 50 aquatic parks and dozens of individual recreational areas for good old family fun?

This city will always have fun activities for small kids, teens and adults during the day, and you don’t have to travel ‘far and wide’ to find these recreational facilities, as they have been built all around the city. If you have time, drop by the trampoline park, too, for a different kind of family experience.

#4 – Best Tours in Town – With companies like DETOURS at the helm, this East Valley location is one of the best takeoff points for all-day and multi-day guided tours. Discover Arizonian culture, history and the beauty of the true West by signing up for day tours in the area. You will have access to spacious, air-conditioned tour vehicles, very knowledgeable tour guides and interesting itineraries that include the legendary Grand Canyon.

Residences in the Local Area

Property prices in Chandler, Arizona as of late 2015 have dropped, creating favorable conditions for seasoned property finders and first-time home buyers. Single individuals, retirees and small families can easily find the perfect new spot in the city.

While many of the average listings are straight/direct sales of properties, a handful are short sales and these properties often fetch a lower price than properties that are not sold under the duress of debt.

Short-sale properties are often cheaper (and this isn’t a bad thing at all) but you have to understand that because the owner of the house is trying to pay off his/her debts, renovations and upgrades may not have been performed on the property for obvious reasons. So if you’re planning to buy a property that is listed as “short sale”, be sure to check the inspection certificates you will know exactly what you’re getting into.

What’s the Least Expensive Option for Small Families?

In the event that you have limited funds but would still like to have a few thousand dollars left for repair and renovation, your best options are co-op townhouses and single-family homes. These types of houses are sold directly for $120,000-$300,000.

Take note that there are dozens of listings for properties that are well below the $200,000 mark. If your total projected budget is $200,000 max, it makes no sense to gun for a $200,000 house. Make it a point to scale down when buying a new property so you will have a cash buffer in case the house needs fixing.

What Can 1 Million Dollars Get Me? 

If economy units aren’t your thing, then the area is still the place to be. Many luxury real estate properties are offered and available in the $700,000 to $2 million range.

A 1 million dollar property will give you 5-6 separate bedrooms with their own bathrooms, a large main bathroom connected to the master suite. The average size of homes in this category is at least 5,000 square feet. Total land area would be .5 acre or 21,780 sq. ft. As you can imagine, there’s plenty of land for additional development, should you decide to remain in such a property permanently.

If you have more than 3 cars, a luxury property would be ideal as you can expect at least one multi-car garage to store your vehicles. Lovers of contemporary architecture will also love standard designs such as soaring ceilings and vintage cabinetry in the kitchen. While the vintage look is fairly common in luxury properties, anticipate updated kitchen appliances in a well-renovated kitchen. Renovation is a fairly common practice prior to the sale of a house and as the price tag goes up, so does the value of the improvements in the property.

Pro Tip: If you want the least hassle when buying Chandler real estate on the market, try to find experienced agents so you’re dealing with the most knowledgeable expert possible. Foreign buyers are of course welcome in the Arizona housing market, especially if the buyer is willing to use cash instead of credit. Cash purchases of properties greatly increase the speed and ease at which houses are purchased.

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