Gilbert, AZ is a relatively big Maricopa County town located right next to Phoenix. Measuring less than 80 square miles, this small town has enjoyed a massive population expansion since the late eighties.

Today, its population rivals the populations of much larger places such as Scottsdale and Chandler. From an economic perspective, the town of Gilbert is a bit laid back compared to neighboring cities since there are no large manufacturing firms here. The leading employer as of 2013 is the town’s public school system, followed by national businesses such as Walmart and GoDaddy.

Things to Do in Gilbert

Arts – Like other towns and cities in Arizona, Gilbert has a soft spot for the arts. If you’re interested in enrolling in art appreciation and learning how to do art, head over to Art Intersection in North Gilbert Road. This place is very friendly to local, contemporary artists who are presently experimenting with the medium.

Art Intersection is also renting out its space for different events such as conferences and seminars. For open-air fun with the arts, Art Walk is the place to be. Located at the Water Tower Park, you can visit Art Walk starting March. Gates open reasonably early (at about 9 PM) and you can enjoy free exhibits and the opportunity to interact with contemporary artists directly.

Around Town – Planning to cook healthy meals when you get to Gilbert? You can go all-organic with the freshest local, organic produce from the Farmer’s Market, located at North Ash Drive.

In addition to regular kitchen fare such as fruits, vegetables and eggs, you will also find many interesting artisan products here as well. Check it out because they’re always open! An alternative spot to visit for a bit of open-air fun coupled with organic shopping on the side is the Twilight Market (South Gilbert Road) which is open once a week (Wednesday) from 3:30 PM. The Twilight Market closes at 7-ish, depending on the level of activity for that particular day.

Outdoor Recreation – If you’re coming in with clients or colleagues, what better way to round off the day than with a great game of golf? The town of Gilbert offers several 18-hole golf courses such as Western Skies, Trilogy at Power Ranch, Seville and Kokopelli. All regular golf courses in Gilbert have a USGA rating no lower than 70.

If golf is not your game and you would prefer strolling or cycling, feel free to head over to the Freestone Park, which has complete outdoor recreational facilities and its very own skating park. You can also use Freestone Park as an entryway to one of the longest hiking tracks in the state: the Central Train System. Get ready to burn some calories as you traverse more than 130 miles of marked trail made especially for hikers and other adventurers.

Good Eats – They say that one of the best ways to understand a place is to partake of its food and beverages – including beer! Local brewery Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company should be on your itinerary so you know what Arizona beer really tastes like!

Now, if you’re feeling a little homesick and want some heartwarming comfort food, visit Flancer’s, an award-winning resto featuring (among other things) the Prickly Pear Sandwich. You can also try Isabel’s Amor, which is a top-rated place for freshly made Mexican dishes. This particular restaurant has been around for a long time and it is a well-loved destination for many local families looking for a great dining experience.

Gilbert Housing Market 

As of this writing, the Gilbert housing market is slightly pricier than neighboring areas such as Chandler and Scottsdale. However, you will still be able to find a good price in short sale properties.

Again, you have to be a bit observant when examining short sale homes because as you know, a short sale occurs when the home seller has a lot of debt and is unable to settle them. Legalities occur and the result is the sale liquid assets and real estate. Single-family homes that are current on short sale can be cheaper by almost a $100,000.

Homes of an equivalent size have a price tag of $250,000 – $350,000. An average $240,000 home in Gilbert has at least 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a land area of no less than 4,000 sq. ft. The price per square foot ranges from $159 – $182, depending on the location. Generally speaking, properties in small neighborhoods have a much lower price per square foot than properties located in exclusive gated communities.

If you’re looking for a larger place for a big family, you’re looking at properties that have a tag of at least $600,000. These upscale homes have three to four bedrooms, at least three bathrooms and multi-car garages. Flooring material can either be stone, marble or faux wood depending on the property.

You wouldn’t have any additional worries during the light Arizonian winter because roof insulation is inspected prior to the sale of a property. While it’s possible to have a master bedroom upstairs, many upscale properties only have one floor especially if the total land area of the lot exceeds 10,000 square feet. Many of these upscale homes were built in the sixties onward and development during that time focused on maximizing horizontal space, not vertical space.

If you need to work at home, you’ll be glad to know that libraries, studies and home offices are staples in homes that have a value of at least $500,000. These additional features are often under-advertised but they do appeal to an important segment of the market.

The square footage of homes in this category in Gilbert can reach up to 3,800+ square feet. Though a bit pricy, you would be happy to know that the total land area of the lot can exceed 34,000 sq. ft. That’s enough space for a lot additional development should you need it in the future. Of course, the price per square foot of upscale properties would be much higher than the land value of smaller lots.

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