Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the few places in the Sunshine State that will leave a truly remarkable impression on you, once you explore its vibrant city life. Whether you’re staying for a few days or you’re thinking of relocating here for work or pleasure, Scottsdale will surely have something amazing to offer you.

Scottsdale is also one of the largest cities by land area and population and this bustling metropole is preferred by individuals who enjoy the fast-paced city life, vibrant local culture and having a dazzling night life. Located right next to Phoenix, Arizona, Scottsdale is considered as the main “gateway city” to other notable cities and towns in Maricopa County.

New to the City?

Before moving to any city, you’ll probably want to experience it firsthand to see if it’s a good fit.

There is no single category that exemplifies Scottsdale but if you insist, we think that the words “adventure” and “bliss” are good places to start. This city has something for everyone!

As one can expect from a large city that has been called “the real deal” when it comes to representing the true Old West, you can actually start your tour of the city by renting a motorcycle from AZ Ride Motorcycle Rentals. Tourists love the guided tours of the city and the surrounding areas and if you’re interested in a special motorcycle event, you can check out if you’ve come just in time for the Devil’s Highway Run.

Apart from being the shining beacon of the Old West, Scottsdale also prides itself as being one of the few cities in the country that has truly supported writing and the various arts since time immemorial. Local artists as well as those from other states have always found a space for art in Scottsdale.

A good example of this would be the Scottsdale Artwalk, which features a variety of activities from special art exhibits, “meet the artist” events and much more. The Scottsdale Artwalk is fully open once every week (you have to visit it on Thursdays) but the exhibits can be found all year round. The Artwalk is considered a unique city landmark and you should definitely pay it a visit before you go home.

After getting your fill of art and culture, it’s time to head to downtown Scottsdale for some fine eats and treats. For great music all year round, we suggest the McCormick Stillman Railroad Park, where the best bands play for locals and tourists nonstop, 12 months a year.

For delightful food and a rustic, laidback ambiance you can check out the newly opened restaurant that can be found at the Four Seasons Resort. The place boasts warm colors, deep mahogany finishes, Western antique-style stools and comfort food recipes sourced from all over the country, not just Arizona. So whether you’re from New York, Colorado or Alaska, there’s something delightful waiting for you at the Four Seasons Resort.

No tourist jaunt would be complete without hotel accommodation. If you’re looking for something remarkable, like the hotel where the President of the United States slept when he visited Scottsdale, then your best pick would be the Andalusian Presidential Suite. Next in our list is the ever-luxurious “The Signature Flat” which boasts massive rooms and an infinity edge swimming pool, which you can swim in after ordering some gourmet dishes at the restaurant.

Scottsdale Properties

Scottsdale’s housing market currently offers a very healthy mix of properties with price tags ranging from $120,000 to a high of $2.2 million. Buyers who are living alone should consider lower-priced properties such as condo units, which are often built into gated communities. Though the average size of condo units are below 1,000 sq. ft. community amenities like heated pools and relatively spacious outdoor parking make up for the basic amenities inside. Expect faux wood flooring, basic tiles in the bathroom, one bathroom and one main bedroom.

It’s possible that the home seller has also renovated the kitchen or bathroom, though with more renovations you can expect the price to go up significantly. In the event that you’re looking for an empty lot so you can develop the property yourself, residential lots sell for as low as $85,000. Empty lots are almost always available in the Scottsdale housing market – just ask your local realtor or agent for help in locating these lots.

If you want to be close to the “heart of the action” in Scottsdale, you need to find a property in Downtown Scottsdale. Homes in these are normally sell for $300,000-$600,000. A $600,000 multi-family home in Downtown Scottsdale would have up to six spacious bedrooms and an equal number of bathrooms.

You can also expect full carpeting throughout the whole house, ceramic tile base flooring and a fully foam-insulated roofing structure. Properties in this price range often measure at least 7,000 sq. ft. with a total land area of 18,000 sq. ft. and up. Parking options are: covered parking, street parking and 3-4 car garages. There will most likely be uncovered parking spaces as well within close proximity of the property itself.

For luxury properties, head over to the ever-popular Paradise Valley where luxury properties can fetch up to $2.7 million. The average square footage of homes in this range is between 6,000 sq. ft. to 8,000 sq. ft. Expect to find at least five bedrooms and no less than five large bathrooms with central access.

Master bedrooms in luxury properties often have dedicated exits and spacious walk-in closets. Guest bedrooms are usually located downstairs with the rest of the smaller bathrooms equipped with bites and double-sinks.

If you love cooking, you will be delighted to know that kitchens in properties that cost more than a million dollars are spacious and have been likely upgraded the same year. These modern kitchens are equipped with top of the line appliances, exquisite cabinetry and marble or granite countertops. You will likely eat your meals in a separate dining area designed for formal dining, too.

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