What to Do in CityScape: Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

CityScape Phoenix is a bustling part of the downtown Phoenix area. It is a high-rise, mixed use development that consists of residential, retail, office, and hotel buildings. CityScape technically covers the three blocks of downtown Phoenix between First Avenue and First Street, and between Washington and Jefferson streets.

It is in the center of downtown Phoenix and located near many buildings such as the Phoenix Convention Center and Chase Field. There is always something happening in CityScape no matter what time of year, so be sure to pay it in a visit if you’re in the area or just looking for someplace cool and new to go.

Visiting Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, Arizona for the First Time

If you’re the type of person that enjoys a little novelty entertainment with your food, you are going to love Organ Stop Pizza. Located in Mesa, Arizona, the place is a huge drawn for the locals and tourists alike. So, just what is so special about this little pizza place? That would have to be the very unique Wurlitzer Organ. The 23 rank organ is among the largest in the world and was installed officially in 1975, culled together from the original 1927 Wurlitzer.

Organ Stop Pizza is one of the only restaurants where you can enjoy live organ music while you eat your food. Some people enjoy the music, others like the pizza, while many enjoy a combination of the two and the flashing lights. Coming here is the best chance you’ll ever have at hearing a professionally trained organist play ACDC’s “Back in Black” while you casually eat a combination pizza. Who can turn down that?

All About Joe’s Real BBQ in Downtown Gilbert

If you’ve ever had barbecue done right and have craved the best BBQ you can find ever since then, there is a place for you that you will just love. Joe’s Real BBQ in downtown Gilbert is the joint to hit up for some of the tastiest darn barbecue you’ll ever have.

You’ll come for the St. Louis-style barbecued ribs, but you’ll stay for just about everything else and keep coming back. Whether you live nearby or are making a special trip, you can’t beat barbecue done right. So what can we tell you about Joe’s Real BBQ? Read on to find out.

3 Places Worth Visiting in Queen Creek, Arizona

What’s funny is most people have never even heard of Queen Creek. This wonderful little town is located in Arizona in the counties of Maricopa and Pinal. They have a population of around thirty thousand, and actually has been growing like crazy in the past two decades.

Perhaps that’s why it’s such an attractive tourist destination for so many. It’s population has also been growing quite a bit. With attractive home prices and a growing community, the area continues to become more desirable. If you’re going there, what should you check out? We’ve got you covered. Read on to find out more.

What Makes San Tan Valley, Arizona Unique?

San Tan Valley is a lovely place that is located in northern Pinal County, Arizona. It is a census-designated area, and this community is located in the southeastern suburbs of the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

It gets its name from the San Tan Mountains, between which it rests. The area did not have a formal name for many years and residents actually used Queen Creek for mailing addresses. The area was called by many names, including the San Tan Foothills, Greater San Tan, San Tan Heights and San Tan area. However, when a new zip code was given to the community in July 2009, the U.S.P.S. received a petition to provide San Tan with a new name.

5 Unique Spots to Visit in Ahwatukee, Arizona

Ahwatukee, Arizona is an urban village located in Phoenix, Arizona. There are fifteen urban villages in Phoenix. Ahwatukee is the southernmost urban village and is 35.8 square miles around with a population of around 77,000 as of 2010. It is bordered by South Mountain Park and Guadalupe Road as well as the cities of Chandler, Tempe, and Guadalupe as well as the Gila River Indian Community.

Ahwatukee was annexed by Phoenix from 1982 to 1987 before strong residential growth took place. This area receives about six inches of rain a year and the nice climate makes a variety of outdoor activities possible nearly year round. If you’re thinking about visiting Ahwatukee, here are five cool spots you should check out. They’re quite unique to the region.

Introducing Sloan Park, Home of the Cubs Spring Training

Sloan Park has hosted some of the most legendary baseball players in the world and has been a proud fixture of Arizona for some time. This is a baseball park that was opened in 2014 in Mesa, Arizona.

The Chicago Cubs are the primary operator and this park will be their home for spring training. It is also home to the Arizona League’s Cubs and Mesa Solar Sox from the Arizona Fall League. The park was built by the residents of the city of Mesa, who approved the design and building of the park by ballot measure and was built to be the home for the Chicago Cubs during spring training (who formerly were training at the Hohokam Stadium).

3 Fun Places to Check Out in Gilbert, Arizona

If you’re the average person, you likely have never even heard of Gilbert, Arizona before. However, more and more people are seeming to recognize the name, thanks to its rapid growth making it one of the fastest growing cities in America.

Gilbert has become a thriving center of commerce and more from its humble beginnings as a rural farming community. With tons to do and lots of natural beauty, there’s a plethora of things to do and places to see in Gilbert. If you come here for a visit, we guarantee you won’t regret it. So what should you do and where should you go if you do come to Gilbert? If you like fun places, here are three you should check out. Read on to find out.

Visiting Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona

Mill Avenue in Tempe is a great place to visit. If you’re ever in the area, you must be sure to visit it. With buildings that date back to the nineteenth century and plenty of new development, Mill Avenue is an iconic area in Arizona.

It’s uptempo and a great place to walk around and take in the sights, smells, sounds and people. The gorgeous brick sidewalks and many attractions make this the perfect place to eat, shop, laugh, and just generally have a blast. It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night, Mill Avenue is definitely the place to be.

Eat some bruschetta at Postino Annex on their wonderful outdoor patio, or enjoy a glass of wine and a slice of pizza Italian style at La Bocca Pizzeria and Wine Bar. There are so many places to shop, to eat, to dance and drink, with endless restaurants, clubs, shops, boutiques, cafes, bars, movie theaters and more.

Taking Time to Learn More About Tempe, Arizona

Whether you live near Tempe or have never been, Tempe is worth a visit! This city in Maricopa County, Arizona, has a population of roughly 165,000 and some of the nicest weather around! Tempe actually derives its name from the Vale of Tempe in Greece.

Located in the East Valley, Tempe is bordered by Phoenix, Scottsdale, Guadalupe, and Mesa. The area used to be home to the Hohokam, who abandoned their canals, agriculture and settlements in the area in the 15th century. If you’re thinking about visiting, take some time to learn more about this extraordinary city!

Little Known Facts About the Housing Market in Gilbert

If you are considering a move to the Gilbert area then you need to know some things about the housing market. If you are living in Gilbert and looking to upgrade your home or just find another one then you may have questions also. There are many things to consider about the real estate market that you are looking in. To help you out, we want to explain some little known facts about the housing market in Gilbert.

Median Prices

When we mention “median home prices” most people think about the average prices that are on the market currently. There is no doubt that this is an important statistic to look at. But, another important statistic to consider is the median price that homes have actually sold for.

4 of the Most Expensive Properties in Arizona

The beauty, history, and weather of Arizona attract many people. It also attracts many people with substantial wealth. This has made Arizona home to many beautiful and expensive properties. The most expensive home in Arizona is worth $32 million. But, it is not the only multi-million dollar home in the state. Here are 4 of the most expensive properties in Arizona.

#1, Silverleaf Estate in North Scottsdale, Arizona ($32 Million)

This can barely be described as a home. It is more of a compound. It is located in Northern Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a beautiful property that provides wonderful views of the desert and stretches over 17 acres. It is owned by Seth Koppes. He is the co-founder of Bancorp Services.

Things to Keep in Mind When Visiting the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a great place to visit. It is one of the great natural wonders the United States has to offer. It draws millions of visitors each year. But, like any trip, you want to take time to do some planning.

If you do a little bit of planning beforehand then you help to ensure a truly enjoyable trip. As you begin your planning, here are some things to keep in mind when visiting the Grand Canyon.

Top 3 Summer Resorts to Visit in Arizona

Summer is a great time to visit Arizona. Actually, anytime of year is a great time to visit Arizona. You can enjoy the history and natural beauty of this state. You can do everything from watching a rodeo show to hiking the many different canyons, buttes, spires, etc. that dot the landscape. No matter what time of year you visit, it is important to find a quality place to stay. We have create a list of the top 3 summer resorts to visit in Arizona.

Arizona Grand Resort

There are many great reasons to visit Phoenix. It is home to many great resorts. The Arizona Grand Resort is one of these. But, this offers more than just a wonderful room. They also have activities that the whole family can enjoy. They offer a 7 acre waterpark. The park boasts a water slide that is 8 stories tall. They offer several different packages to help save your budget. You can get a package that includes up to a $50 credit to the onsite spa.

3 Towns to Visit to Get Away from the Heat in Northern Arizona

Arizona is known for many things. The high summer temperatures are one example. It is true that Arizona has a very low humidity. This does make the heat feel different. But, it doesn’t negate it altogether.

Like many state, Arizona has several different geographic regions. Just because you are visiting Arizona in the summer doesn’t mean you have to be in extremely hot temperatures. You can consider one of these 3 towns to visit to get away from the heat in Northern Arizona.

Top 4 Restaurants in Gold Canyon, Arizona

Going on a vacation is always fun. It gives you a chance to see a new area and experience things that you can’t find at home. Arizona provides all of this. You also have a chance to experience the wonderful Southwest culture.

In addition to all this, there is always the chance to experience local cuisine. If you are a foodie or just enjoy great meals then you should consider these to 4 restaurants in Gold Canyon, Arizona.

3 Fun Things to Do in Gold Canyon, Arizona

We are at the time of year when people are planning their summer vacations. One of the beauty of the United States are the many different places to visit without needing a passport.

The Southwest is home to many of these attractions. If you are considering visiting Arizona then there are many areas to choose from. That is why we are outlining 3 fun things to do in Gold Canyon, Arizona.

Interesting Facts & the History of Arizona

There are many great reasons to visit Arizona. You can experience the scenic beauty. You can visit wonders such as the Grand Canyon. But, the beautiful nature is just part of what Arizona offers. It is also full with history. After all, it is part of the Old West. We put together a list of interesting facts about the history of Arizona.

You Can See History Older Than The Old West

When most people think about Arizona, they think about the Old West. There are many things that remind you of this time. You can see the many Ghost Towns that are left. But, you also can experience history that goes back much farther.

Understanding Scottsdale’s Nightlife: What to Expect

Scottsdale doesn’t have the same reputation for nightlife as some larger cities such as New York or Los Angeles. This doesn’t mean the city shuts down after dark. It boasts a host of choices for people looking for great nightlife.

The Scottsdale area has many great family attractions. But, when the sun sinks behind the desert then the party gets started. No matter what you like to do at night, you will find it in Scottsdale. When it comes to clubs, lounges, wine bars, sports bars, etc., you will find a variety of choices. This city is home to over eighty different party locations.

You don’t have to be looking for a rowdy party. You can find a variety of entertainment options such as get a drink, enjoy a quiet meal, a night of dancing, or a combination of these.

What Is The Weather Like in Gold Canyon, Arizona?

Whenever you are planning a trip, there are many things to think about. Two of these factors are the time of year and weather conditions of your destination. If you are considering visiting Arizona then you may have some questions. Arizona is probably the state with the most rumors about the weather. So, what is the weather like in Gold Canyon, Arizona?

Basics of Arizona Weather

If you are not from the Southwest then you need to know some basic things about Arizona weather. It is in a desert. Unless you have been to a desert, this may be difficult to understand. The desert has very low humidity. The majority of the country is used to humidity over 70%, even as high as 90%.

4 Unique Things To Do in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona is a beautiful city. There are many attractions for tourists, locals, and new residents. This city has a reputation for providing outstanding options for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

It seems like there around every corner is a family friendly activity. We want to zero in on 4 unique things to do in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Carnival of Illusion

In times past, magicians were a common attraction. They could be found in carnivals, circuses, etc. Today, their numbers have dwindled. It has become much harder to see a great magic show. Yet, this is exactly what you will find at the Carnival of illusion.

Value that Chandler, Arizona Offers Residents

Cost of living places a major role in whether or not a town is a great place to live. You don’t want to move to a city for that great job opportunity, only to find out that your nice salary is eaten up in high rent and energy bills. The low cost of services in Chandler, Arizona is one of the reasons that people choose to live here.

The city works hard to keep it that way. They are consistently comparing the cost of things like utility fees, taxes, and even how many people they employee to surrounding cities. These comparisons produce statistics that are used to better the community as a whole. They look at how much essential city services are costing residents, current tax rates (i.e. sales and property taxes), and even how efficiently city employees are working.

Thriving Art Community of Chandler, Arizona

If you want to get a feel for how culturally rich a community is then one place to look is their Art scene. A thriving art community signals an area that not only houses but also nurtures its artists and culture.

Yes, they have a thriving art museum. The collection there provides residents and visitors a wonderful place to see some great art. But, the support for art goes beyond the museum walls. The city itself is working hard to support that art community.

This city wide support started in 1982. That is when the Chandler Arts Commission began a city wide art campaign. The goal of this campaign was to place art around the city for the enjoyment of everyone. They started by searching for interesting pieces of art and purchasing them. These were then installed in public places.

As you walk around the city, you can see the fruits of their labor. Many great pieces of art can be seen on street corners and in city buildings. The city owned collection boasts some wonderful pieces including:

Long History of Chandler, Arizona & Farming

Farming has long played an important role in Chandler, Arizona’s history. America has a long history that is closely related to agriculture. The state of Arizona and our city was no different. In 1913, farming was the major staple of income for the residents of Chandler. This is not a surprise because at the time agriculture was a major staple throughout the United States. The interesting picture becomes clear when you consider the mix of agriculture Chandler residents were involved in.

A main agricultural product of the time was Ostrich. Yes, you read that right, Ostrich. But, the residents were not raising these animals for their meat. They were being raised by their feathers. Ostrich feathers were a very important part of fashion at the time. They were used as decoration on lady’s hats. This made them a highly desirable commodity. One pound of Ostrich feathers sold for $250. This was quite a tidy sum at the time.

The History of Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, Arizona has a very diverse history. It was founded by Dr. Alexander John Chandler. He was the very first veterinarian in the state. He came to Arizona in 1891. He started by purchasing 80 acres from the government. At the time, this was just arid desert. Dr. Chandler was the main push in changing that.

He had studied the engineering of irrigation systems. He used this knowledge to solve the water problem. He was able to do this by building a system of canals that brought water to this parched land. His efforts allowed him to expand his land holdings. By 1900, he owned 18,000 acres. This was a very sizeable ranch.

The Culture of Chandler, Arizona

There are many things to consider when either planning a family vacation or looking for a great place to raise your family. You want an area that offers attractions for the whole family, a place rich in culture, things to see, and a welcoming atmosphere. This is exactly what you find in this city. These ingredients are available because of the culture of Chandler, Arizona.

The first attraction that is noteworthy is the Ostrich festival. This festival is held each year. It hearkens back to the area’s agricultural roots. In the city’s early history, raising livestock was very important to the economy. Ostriches were a key part of this. It may seem odd. But, it was driven by the fashions of the early 20th century. Ostrich feathers were highly sought after and brought a very tidy sum.