3 Towns to Visit to Get Away from the Heat in Northern Arizona

Arizona is known for many things. The high summer temperatures are one example. It is true that Arizona has a very low humidity. This does make the heat feel different. But, it doesn’t negate it altogether.

Like many state, Arizona has several different geographic regions. Just because you are visiting Arizona in the summer doesn’t mean you have to be in extremely hot temperatures. You can consider one of these 3 towns to visit to get away from the heat in Northern Arizona.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff is a great choice to get away from the heat in Northern Arizona. It also is a great tourist destination, in its own rite. The area is home to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is more than just one of the great spectacles in the United States. It is also a great destination to enjoy the outdoors. You will create memories that the whole family will carry with them for a lifetime.

The Grand Canyon is just one area attraction. Flagstaff also sits on historic Route 66. You can travel the roads that moved across this country before the modern highway system. Not only can you travel in the path of your ancestors but you also can enjoy the many historic benefits of Route 66.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is another wonderful choice for any trip. This area is home to so many historical sites. You also can enjoy the beautiful scenery that the Southwestern United States is known for. If you like to be outdoors then you can enjoy one of the many hiking trails. There are also many different bike paths. The area is home to more than 1 million acres of National Parks.

Sedona is more than just a place to enjoy natural beauty. It also provides many different recreational activities. It is a great place to enjoy local cuisine, stay in one of the many resorts, and even enjoy a round of golf. You also can learn more about the Native American culture. Sedona is considered sacred by Native Americans. They hold it as a place of healing.

Payson, Arizona

The last town in our list is Payson, Arizona. This area offers a variety of activities. You can enjoy the many different water activities. You can enjoy boating, fishing, etc. You also can enjoy hiking along the scenic paths. The area is home to many different parks. If you are looking for other family attractions then Payson, Arizona won’t disappoint. You can enjoy the heritage of the Old West. The area has a rich history of rodeo. There is even an area rodeo festival.

Arizona is a wonderful state to visit. If you are going to visit during the summer then you may be looking for relief from the heat. There are many great Arizona towns to consider. These include the towns of Flagstaff, Payson, and Sedona. So, as you consider a visit to Arizona, keep this list of the 3 towns to visit to get away from the heat in Northern Arizona in mind.

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