4 of the Most Expensive Properties in Arizona

The beauty, history, and weather of Arizona attract many people. It also attracts many people with substantial wealth. This has made Arizona home to many beautiful and expensive properties. The most expensive home in Arizona is worth $32 million. But, it is not the only multi-million dollar home in the state. Here are 4 of the most expensive properties in Arizona.

#1, Silverleaf Estate in North Scottsdale, Arizona ($32 Million)

This can barely be described as a home. It is more of a compound. It is located in Northern Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a beautiful property that provides wonderful views of the desert and stretches over 17 acres. It is owned by Seth Koppes. He is the co-founder of Bancorp Services.

The house features slightly more than 29,000 sq ft. There are 8 bedrooms and ten bathrooms. You can enjoy privacy in this Scottsdale home because of the gated entrance.

#2, Tucson Foothills Home in Tucson, Arizona ($13 Million)

Tucson is one of the largest cities in Arizona. As such, it is home to many of the state’s luxury homes. Number 2 on our list of the most expensive properties in Arizona is the pinnacle of luxury.

This is a 2 story home with right at 25,000 sq ft. It sits on a lot that spreads over 13 acres. It is close to other luxury amenities. You can shop at Tiffany’s and Louis Vuitton by driving just 5 minutes. It is bordered by some wonderful scenery. Over 1 million National Park acres surround this home. So, not only do you get wonderful views but also privacy.

#3, Tuscan Style Mansion in Paradise Valley, Arizona ($10.9 Million)

Paradise Valley lives up to its name. It provides stunning views of the desert and the surrounding hills and mountains. But, with this luxury Arizona home, you won’t have to go far for the view. To enjoy the hillsides, you only need to walk outside. This property is set on the side of a hill.

It is slightly smaller than the other properties we looked at. It only boasts just over 10,000 acres. It sounds funny to say “only” to this case. Inside this home, you can enjoy the “good” life. There is a chef’s kitchen. All countertops are slab granite. There are several fountains and fireplaces for you to enjoy.

#4, Luxury Estate in Paradise Valley, Arizona ($10 Million)

The last home on our list is also the cheapest. It is listed at exactly $10 million. This one is located beside Mummy Mountain. The location provides wonderful views of the surrounding area. It is almost the same size as our first two properties.

The home offers over 18,000 square feet. You can enjoy 7 bathrooms, a game room, home theatre room, and a massive master suite. The master suite is the size of many people’s homes. A home fit for an episode of The Rich and Famous.

For many of us, these properties are simply out of reach. But, we can dream. If you have achieved personal wealth and are looking for a luxury home then look no further than Arizona. You can pick up one of the 4 most expensive properties in Arizona.

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