4 Unique Things To Do in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona is a beautiful city. There are many attractions for tourists, locals, and new residents. This city has a reputation for providing outstanding options for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

It seems like there around every corner is a family friendly activity. We want to zero in on 4 unique things to do in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Carnival of Illusion

In times past, magicians were a common attraction. They could be found in carnivals, circuses, etc. Today, their numbers have dwindled. It has become much harder to see a great magic show. Yet, this is exactly what you will find at the Carnival of illusion.

But, this provides more than just a great magic show. You also will be transported back in time. The ambiance of this Scottsdale attraction is Vaudeville. The costumes and decorations bring back this popular time from history. These features all work together to create fun for the whole family.


It is always great to find a family attraction that brings a little culture. This is exactly what you find at Cosanti. This attraction features the wind-bells of Paolo Soleri. Your family will tour many different great works of art. You also learn how they are created. You can even purchase wind-bell for a souvenir.

Scottsdale Historical Museum

History is a great way to learn. Arizona has been home to many great historical events. The Scottsdale area is no stranger to historical event. They feature many permanent exhibits that showcase the history of the area. They also host many different traveling exhibits from around the country. They also feature historical programming and research.

Ziegler Fiesta Bowl Museum

This unique Scottsdale, Arizona attraction is great for any sports fan. The Fiesta Bowl is a huge annual event. Fans can relive the great moments in the Fiesta Bowl. You don’t have to be a die-hard football fan to enjoy this attraction. Your family will still enjoy the wide variety of historical football memorabilia. You can view replica trophies from past Bowls, banners, and even souvenirs.

Scottsdale is one of the most highly sought-after areas within Arizona. However, keep in mind that there are three distinct portions of Scottsdale: North, Central and South. Check out the homes for sale here for a better idea of what to expect.

Each year, Arizona is draws in millions of visitors. They come for a variety of reasons. One major draw is the natural beauty of the state. There are also the attractions that Arizona’s many communities offer. This includes the Scottsdale. But, you don’t have to fill your trip with the same old activities. You can create a great family vacation by planning a trip to these 4 unique attractions in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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