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Value that Chandler, Arizona Offers Residents

Cost of living places a major role in whether or not a town is a great place to live. You don’t want to move to a city for that great job opportunity, only to find out that your nice salary is eaten up in high rent and energy bills. The low cost of services in Chandler, Arizona is one of the reasons that people choose to live here.

The city works hard to keep it that way. They are consistently comparing the cost of things like utility fees, taxes, and even how many people they employee to surrounding cities. These comparisons produce statistics that are used to better the community as a whole. They look at how much essential city services are costing residents, current tax rates (i.e. sales and property taxes), and even how efficiently city employees are working.

Thriving Art Community of Chandler, Arizona

If you want to get a feel for how culturally rich a community is then one place to look is their Art scene. A thriving art community signals an area that not only houses but also nurtures its artists and culture.

Yes, they have a thriving art museum. The collection there provides residents and visitors a wonderful place to see some great art. But, the support for art goes beyond the museum walls. The city itself is working hard to support that art community.

This city wide support started in 1982. That is when the Chandler Arts Commission began a city wide art campaign. The goal of this campaign was to place art around the city for the enjoyment of everyone. They started by searching for interesting pieces of art and purchasing them. These were then installed in public places.

As you walk around the city, you can see the fruits of their labor. Many great pieces of art can be seen on street corners and in city buildings. The city owned collection boasts some wonderful pieces including:

Long History of Chandler, Arizona & Farming

Farming has long played an important role in Chandler, Arizona’s history. America has a long history that is closely related to agriculture. The state of Arizona and our city was no different. In 1913, farming was the major staple of income for the residents of Chandler. This is not a surprise because at the time agriculture was a major staple throughout the United States. The interesting picture becomes clear when you consider the mix of agriculture Chandler residents were involved in.

A main agricultural product of the time was Ostrich. Yes, you read that right, Ostrich. But, the residents were not raising these animals for their meat. They were being raised by their feathers. Ostrich feathers were a very important part of fashion at the time. They were used as decoration on lady’s hats. This made them a highly desirable commodity. One pound of Ostrich feathers sold for $250. This was quite a tidy sum at the time.

The History of Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, Arizona has a very diverse history. It was founded by Dr. Alexander John Chandler. He was the very first veterinarian in the state. He came to Arizona in 1891. He started by purchasing 80 acres from the government. At the time, this was just arid desert. Dr. Chandler was the main push in changing that.

He had studied the engineering of irrigation systems. He used this knowledge to solve the water problem. He was able to do this by building a system of canals that brought water to this parched land. His efforts allowed him to expand his land holdings. By 1900, he owned 18,000 acres. This was a very sizeable ranch.

The Culture of Chandler, Arizona

There are many things to consider when either planning a family vacation or looking for a great place to raise your family. You want an area that offers attractions for the whole family, a place rich in culture, things to see, and a welcoming atmosphere. This is exactly what you find in this city. These ingredients are available because of the culture of Chandler, Arizona.

The first attraction that is noteworthy is the Ostrich festival. This festival is held each year. It hearkens back to the area’s agricultural roots. In the city’s early history, raising livestock was very important to the economy. Ostriches were a key part of this. It may seem odd. But, it was driven by the fashions of the early 20th century. Ostrich feathers were highly sought after and brought a very tidy sum.