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Visiting Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, Arizona for the First Time

If you’re the type of person that enjoys a little novelty entertainment with your food, you are going to love Organ Stop Pizza. Located in Mesa, Arizona, the place is a huge drawn for the locals and tourists alike. So, just what is so special about this little pizza place? That would have to be the very unique Wurlitzer Organ. The 23 rank organ is among the largest in the world and was installed officially in 1975, culled together from the original 1927 Wurlitzer.

Organ Stop Pizza is one of the only restaurants where you can enjoy live organ music while you eat your food. Some people enjoy the music, others like the pizza, while many enjoy a combination of the two and the flashing lights. Coming here is the best chance you’ll ever have at hearing a professionally trained organist play ACDC’s “Back in Black” while you casually eat a combination pizza. Who can turn down that?

Introducing Sloan Park, Home of the Cubs Spring Training

Sloan Park has hosted some of the most legendary baseball players in the world and has been a proud fixture of Arizona for some time. This is a baseball park that was opened in 2014 in Mesa, Arizona.

The Chicago Cubs are the primary operator and this park will be their home for spring training. It is also home to the Arizona League’s Cubs and Mesa Solar Sox from the Arizona Fall League. The park was built by the residents of the city of Mesa, who approved the design and building of the park by ballot measure and was built to be the home for the Chicago Cubs during spring training (who formerly were training at the Hohokam Stadium).