Interesting Facts & the History of Arizona

There are many great reasons to visit Arizona. You can experience the scenic beauty. You can visit wonders such as the Grand Canyon. But, the beautiful nature is just part of what Arizona offers. It is also full with history. After all, it is part of the Old West. We put together a list of interesting facts about the history of Arizona.

You Can See History Older Than The Old West

When most people think about Arizona, they think about the Old West. There are many things that remind you of this time. You can see the many Ghost Towns that are left. But, you also can experience history that goes back much farther.

We are not talking about the American Indians. Although, there are many historical locations that teach you about American Indians, you can experience sites that have evidence going all the way back to prehistoric people.

You Can See The History of America in One State

This may sound like an interesting thing to say. After all, history was made throughout our great country. That is very true. But, there are some areas where a variety of nationalities came through. The Southwest is one of these areas. The land actually changed hands several times before they became part of the United States.

Arizona was actually home to people dating back into prehistoric times. Between then and now, there have been the Spanish, multiple American Indian tribes, English, French, etc. Every one of these groups left their mark and evidence as they moved through. This variety of nationalities also left many great historical sites.

You Can Find Wildlife That Only Lives in Arizona

If you enjoy learning about wildlife and nature then you need to visit Arizona. It is home to the Arizona Trout. This trout is a fish that can only be found in Arizona. You also can see nature. There are several different varieties of Cactus. There also is the Petrified Forest. Yeah, California is not the only state to see prehistoric trees. You can see some great fossils here.

You probably thought we were going to give you the normal list of historic facts. Well, that could just be boring. It has been done to death. That is why, we chose to list things about Arizona and the history that you can find there that you may not have known.

This also shows you why so many people decide to vacation here. You can not only see exhibits about history. The Grand Canyon, Arizona area, and the whole state, have many museums that offer that. But, you also can see history in the “raw” as it might be. You can see where our ancestors traveled through. You can see the artifacts and evidence that they left behind.

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You have many things to think about when planning your family vacation. As you decide where to go, keep this list of interesting facts about the history of Arizona in mind.

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