Long History of Chandler, Arizona & Farming

Farming has long played an important role in Chandler, Arizona’s history. America has a long history that is closely related to agriculture. The state of Arizona and our city was no different. In 1913, farming was the major staple of income for the residents of Chandler. This is not a surprise because at the time agriculture was a major staple throughout the United States. The interesting picture becomes clear when you consider the mix of agriculture Chandler residents were involved in.

A main agricultural product of the time was Ostrich. Yes, you read that right, Ostrich. But, the residents were not raising these animals for their meat. They were being raised by their feathers. Ostrich feathers were a very important part of fashion at the time. They were used as decoration on lady’s hats. This made them a highly desirable commodity. One pound of Ostrich feathers sold for $250. This was quite a tidy sum at the time.

Ostrich wasn’t the only form of livestock being raised around Chandler. Cattle and sheep were also very popular. This is amazing considering less than 30 years earlier this was an arid desert. That was before Dr. Alexander Chandler came to the area. He put in a series of canals that would bring water to this area. It was his work on these canals that gave rise to the thriving agriculture industry.

Crops also played a large role in the area. Cotton was a main crop. This went along with the Ostrich feathers as being necessary to the fashion industry. Other very popular crops were grains and Alfalfa. All of these crops made this area a very attractive place to raise a farm and a family.

The coming years would only solidify the importance of cotton. By the time that World War I came around, a large amount of long-staple cotton was needed. It was used to produce both tires and fabrics for aircrafts. This need for cotton even gave birth to a new town. Goodyear purchased land south of Chandler and found a town named after the company. This allowed their production to be near the much needed cotton.

Our history with agriculture has not always been a rosy one. In 1920, the cotton industry took a major hit. For the most part, the people of Chandler had come out of the great depression unscathed. But, the great Cotton crash was not as forgiving. It hit the areas cotton farmers hard. However, we are very resilient people and they soon found a way to bounce back.

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Chandler has a very interesting history. This history starts by the state of Arizona’s first vet. He came to the area. He took 80 acres. It did not take him very long to build a ranch that covered 18,000 acres. He was limited by the current rules that said one person couldn’t irrigate that much land. That is when he hatched a plan that would become this great city. When he first laid the groundwork for Chandler, we wonder if he knew the thriving agricultural business that it would give birth to.

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