Thriving Art Community of Chandler, Arizona

If you want to get a feel for how culturally rich a community is then one place to look is their Art scene. A thriving art community signals an area that not only houses but also nurtures its artists and culture.

Yes, they have a thriving art museum. The collection there provides residents and visitors a wonderful place to see some great art. But, the support for art goes beyond the museum walls. The city itself is working hard to support that art community.

This city wide support started in 1982. That is when the Chandler Arts Commission began a city wide art campaign. The goal of this campaign was to place art around the city for the enjoyment of everyone. They started by searching for interesting pieces of art and purchasing them. These were then installed in public places.

As you walk around the city, you can see the fruits of their labor. Many great pieces of art can be seen on street corners and in city buildings. The city owned collection boasts some wonderful pieces including:

Statues of Frank Lloyd Wright and AJ Chandler

These statues were installed in the city’s central park. They were made to honor two important historical figures. You are probably familiar with Frank Lloyd Wright. He was a very famous artist. AJ Chandler is also very famous and important in our area. He was the man who first came to this area and founded what would become Chandler, Arizona.

Las Brisas

This is a wonderful mix of art and function. This large steel tree brings a wonderful amount of shade for park visitors to enjoy. It also serves the environment. There are many hummingbirds that find this piece of art a wonderful place to live. These birds bring even more beauty to the park.

Short Cut

This art work doesn’t honor any historical figure or provide an environment for birds. But, it is still beautiful in its own right. It shows several children using a log as a crossing. As you sit there, it brings you back to simpler times. Your mind thinks about doing similar things as a child. It creates quite a relaxing moment.

The Guardian

Art can also honor city residents. That is exactly what this piece does. It shows two of the city’s finest helping a small child. This artwork is made up of three bronze statues. It is a reminder and monument to the police officers that work diligently for our residents. Visitors and residents can enjoy this piece downtown in the plaza of Police Headquarters.

Chandler offers an unique experience for individuals, families, businessmen and women, and more. Check out our Chandler Homes page to get more familiar with the area and the listings we currently have.

We invite you to come and visit us. You will enjoy the product of our dedication to the art community. But, this is just one indicator of the rich culture that you will find here. The area is made up of residents that have a very diverse mix of backgrounds. This produces a rich culture in art, history, entertainment, and food. You are sure to find something to interest you.

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