Understanding Scottsdale’s Nightlife: What to Expect

Scottsdale doesn’t have the same reputation for nightlife as some larger cities such as New York or Los Angeles. This doesn’t mean the city shuts down after dark. It boasts a host of choices for people looking for great nightlife.

The Scottsdale area has many great family attractions. But, when the sun sinks behind the desert then the party gets started. No matter what you like to do at night, you will find it in Scottsdale. When it comes to clubs, lounges, wine bars, sports bars, etc., you will find a variety of choices. This city is home to over eighty different party locations.

You don’t have to be looking for a rowdy party. You can find a variety of entertainment options such as get a drink, enjoy a quiet meal, a night of dancing, or a combination of these.

You can choose to line dance the night away. For the more adventurous, you can find places to join a rock star level party. You can call it an early night or party till sunrise.

The heart of Scottsdale’s night scene is Old Town. It is home to many of the eighty restaurants, bars, and clubs of Scottsdale. You can choose from historic locations that mix great night life with the enjoyment of Southwest culture.

Old Town Scottsdale also provides some new options. One of Old Town’s newer hot spots is Rogue Bar. They are a great place to dance the night away. They also bring in a variety of live acts.

One of the most popular attractions is the Red Revolver Lounge. This is popular with both locals and tourists alike. In fact, you have to get there early. You will frequently see a line outside this Scottsdale hotspot. It also is a great place to take in some people watching.

If you like modern music then you should consider Livewire. This is a great spot for taking in many different types of music. They offer rock, hip hop, etc. If you like dancing then you don’t want to miss the chance to dance the night away here. They feature a sound system and dance floor that is second to none.

Hipsters are not left out either. If you want to experience the hipper lifestyle then go to The Beverly. You can relax in one of their booths. They are the pinnacle of comfort. You can enjoy of their many signature cocktails. You also can enjoy watching the crowd of hip-hop lovers.

People choose to visit Scottsdale for many reasons. There are the many museums, the beautiful scenery, the wonderful culture, and the friendly residents. Once the sun goes down, you don’t have to sit in your hotel room board. You can head out to Old Town where the party goes on till dawn. So, when you are planning your trip, you now have a better understanding of what to expect from Scottsdale, Arizona’s nightlife.

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