What Is The Weather Like in Gold Canyon, Arizona?

Whenever you are planning a trip, there are many things to think about. Two of these factors are the time of year and weather conditions of your destination. If you are considering visiting Arizona then you may have some questions. Arizona is probably the state with the most rumors about the weather. So, what is the weather like in Gold Canyon, Arizona?

Basics of Arizona Weather

If you are not from the Southwest then you need to know some basic things about Arizona weather. It is in a desert. Unless you have been to a desert, this may be difficult to understand. The desert has very low humidity. The majority of the country is used to humidity over 70%, even as high as 90%.

The lower humidity levels changes how the temperature feels to you. You may think that 110 degrees in the summer sounds unbearable. But, you would be surprised how much difference humidity makes. The majority of tourists are pleasantly surprised. They come away saying that 85 or 90 degrees at home feels like Arizona’s 110.

Gold Canyon, Arizona Weather Specifics

No matter where you are visiting, the time of year makes a difference. We mentioned the lower humidity. Gold Canyon, Arizona’s humidity routinely stays around 10%. On occasion it can reach 50% but that is when it is raining.

Temperatures stay just as mild as the low humidity. During the winter months, temperatures routinely stay between 50 and 70 degrees. On occasion they can dip into the 30s. That is when you can really tell tourists from residents. People from higher humidity locations can be seen in wind breakers. Locals will be seen in something closer to Parkas.

Unlike many locations, the time of year doesn’t affect tourism much. During the summer, the dry heat creates waves coming off of the desert. This may sound daunting. But, it actually adds to the beauty of this state. It also draws people from the South who are fleeing the stifling humidity of states like Louisiana and Florida.

In the winter, just as many people are drawn for the same reason. They are fleeing the cold weather, snow drifts, and snow shoveling that their home state offers. This makes Gold Canyon, Arizona a great vacation destination all year round.

Visibility is another attraction created by the weather conditions. The United States is home to many large urban areas like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. The density of people and cars actually affects the area’s natural beauty.

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If you are from a dense urban area and have never been to Arizona then you are in for a treat. The low humidity combined with the desert offers visibility that is hard to find anywhere else.

You can park on one of the foothills and see for miles. It is easy to see how the weather conditions in Gold Canyon, Arizona are not just part of nature. It also is a tourist attraction all by itself.

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